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  • Tips For A Great Pumpkin Patch Shoot

    There’s nothing like watching your children frolic through an open field, their jackets buttoned up and their cheeks perfectly flush as they peruse the selection. This year, why not capture the moment with a photo shoot or video shoot? 

    With the right approach, you can create heirloom-quality pumpkin patch photos and videos that you’ll cherish forever. Here are five tips to help you get those great shots. 

     Read more for our top 5 Tips For A Great Pumpkin Patch Shoot

  • 30 Summer Activity Ideas for the Kids

    When you think back to your childhood, summer memories are probably some of the top images that come to mind. From family road trips to simply playing in the backyard, the sunny season is the perfect time to make lasting memories together and capture them all on video to look back on for years to come! To inspire you to plan the most fun and fulfilling summer possible with your family, we’ve compiled a list of 30 summer activities ideas for the kids that guarantee fun in the sun and lots of smiles.
  • How To get great audio on phone videos without fancy equipment

    You don't need fancy professional equipment to achieve great audio on your phone videos. All you need is a little know how and a quiet room.


  • Documenting Your Kids on Video: A New Way to Capture Childhood

    I consider myself fortunate. Documenting kids on video is a luxury our parents didn’t always have at their fingertips all the time. While they could still pull out the old video camera, it required planning. But we live in a time where it’s never been easier to take a video at any given moment. And every parent knows that sometimes candid moments can’t be planned, they just happen. The truth is, the best footage I have ever taken of my kids comes when I have least expected it.


  • The Best Christmas Gift to Get Grandparents Who Have It All

    One thing you can be sure that any grandparent will love is a personalized gift of their grandchildren. But wait — don’t they already have more mugs, keychains, and sweatshirts with their grandchildren’s faces than they know what to do with? Not only that but their walls are already plastered with countless family photos full of grinning faces and they’re seemingly out of free wall space.
  • Finding The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift

    It’s that time of the year again when we are all looking for that perfect, unique gift. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or another holiday, gifting can be difficult.

    Most of us have everything we need and more, but what would the holidays be like without exchanging gifts? It just wouldn’t be the same, no matter how much some of your friends and family members may insist that they “don’t want anything”.


    One of the best gifts my mother gave to me and my sisters was a perfectly curated library of family photo albums. Photography was her hobby and my mother has a great eye. Not only did she take amazing photographs she spent the time to print, organize, and label albums into volumes.  Now in our adult lives we take them out often and take a trip down memory lane when we are all together. 

    New moms have endless video clips of their minis, but absolutely zero time to edit them. Little Laughter Films’ pro video editors convert all those raw camera roll clips into a high-quality movie using rhythm, music, and sound. These videos help tell the story of their little one’s miraculous development at a time when everything changes so fast. You might also want to hand over a box of tissues with a gift this precious!

    We are so very excited to have been featured in The Fatherly Mothers Day Gift Guide and we love what they had to say.

    “Sick of those auto-home movies that your iPhone tries to make for you? Want a professional home movie that actually splices together all the most adorable moments of your kids’ life? Want someone ELSE to do the editing? The people at Little Laughter Films have you covered. With three different price points, Short Film, Indie Film, and Feature Film, these pros can tell the story of your family. Let these folks edit your mess of video clips and give mom a gift she didn’t know she needed.”


    We were recently featured on Modern Mom Problems and asked what’s the best way to organize your digital videos and photos?

    Here was my answer “I could go on and on about the importance of organizing your images and give you a thousand different approaches but my TOP tip would be to make “Folders” and use the favorites button. Not organizing your digital photos is a problem that will keep getting worse over time if not managed!  Right now there are 31,281 photos on my phone. Imagine what a mess it would be if I printed them all and threw them on the floor and kept adding to that pile month after month, year after year!  Now imagine I have all of them neatly organized and cataloged into albums and tucked onto shelves in alphabetical order. It would be so much easier to find what I was looking for! That’s what folders and the favorites button can do for you. “


    So, you’ve been searching for that perfect baby shower gift for your loved one’s special day, right? They are adding a precious bundle of joy to their home and a baby shower is in your near future. It’s been challenging to figure out what to buy because there are so many random things to choose from. But… all of it is the same old, tired options and none of it is special enough or unique enough to express how much you love them and how happy you are for them. We feel your pain. 


    Your little one’s first birthday is a big deal. The past year has been filled with so many ups and downs as a parent and your little one has hit so many little milestones. It’s hard to even wrap your head around how quickly time has passed by and suddenly your little one has turned one. (don’t cry!) Little Laughter Films understands how important that first year is and we aim to capture it and present it back to you and your loved ones in the most memorable way possible, via a Little Laughter Films Feature Film Package.