30 Summer Activity Ideas for the Kids

30 Summer Activity Ideas for the Kids

When you think back to your childhood, summer memories are probably some of the top images that come to mind. From family road trips to simply playing in the backyard, the sunny season is the perfect time to make lasting memories together and capture them all on video to look back on for years to come! To inspire you to plan the most fun and fulfilling summer possible with your family, we’ve compiled a list of 30 summer activities ideas for the kids that guarantee fun in the sun and lots of smiles.


Go For a Bike Ride



Ride around your neighborhood on two wheels together and enjoy the fresh summertime air. If you’re up for even more of an adventure, find a bike path nearby and load your bikes on the car to ride around in a new area.

Video Ideas
Film the kids riding towards you and away from you. Get low, place your phone on the ground and have them ride through the frame as your record video. You might also want to try clamping your phone to the front of your bike to film everyone in action!

Visit a Theme Park


Set aside a day to spend at one of your local theme parks – or choose one within driving distance and embark on a road trip together! Take thrilling rides with your hands up in the air, see a show, enjoy yummy food, and simply enjoy experiencing something new as a family.

Video Ideas:
Film the kids on the rides, but also capture their excitement as they are getting on the ride and the exhilaration as they are getting off.
Take videos of them playing games and eating fun theme park treats!

Dance in the Rain


Make the most of dreary weather and turn it into a whimsical moment you’ll look back on and cherish. Throw on your rain boots and jump around in the puddles, dancing as the summer rain falls.

Video Ideas:
Film their feet as they splash in the puddles and take videos of them twirling around in the rain. Don't be afraid to get wet, and you might want to try a shot of them kicking water at your camera for a cool transition. 

Fly a Kite


The next time the weather is breezy, pull out a colorful kite and fly it together. Whether you choose to do so in your backyard or find a park or open space to use, you’ll love the easy breezy fun of this summertime classic.

Video Ideas:
You will want to take a few videos of them from different angles flying a kite. Get your camera low and shoot up into the sky. Because you will most likely be in an open space, try to get a really wide shot and play with negative space.

Watch Fireworks



Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day are all perfect excuses to get outside together and catch a colorful fireworks display! Pack some snacks and bring a blanket to cozy up outside and take in the beautiful sky show.

Video Ideas:
Of course, you will want to take a video of the fireworks themselves as they explode, but the better video will be that of your kids' reactions. Make sure to capture some video footage of their delighted faces as they watch the colorful sky. Setting your phone camera on a small tripod facing the kids on their level is ideal so you, too, can watch the show. 

Draw with Chalk


Encourage your kiddos to get creative outside with chalk drawings! Let them make their own masterpieces or help them draw a tic-tac-toe board, hopscotch squares, and more.

Video Ideas:
Make sure to film close-ups of their chalky hands and wide action shots. Try to get some aerial videos of them and their artwork. You can do this by either filming from above or using a selfie stick to hold your camera at a high level.

Have a Picnic


Pack your favorite food into a basket and dine outside! You can have a picnic in your own backyard or bring your food to a local park or recreational area to explore the outdoors while you enjoy a meal.

Video Ideas:
Place your phone on a tripod and take a wide shot of your family as you enjoy your picnic. This can also make a fun opportunity to play with time-lapse videos. Start filming when you arrive, and take a time-lapse until you pack up!


Dig in the Sand or Dirt


Sometimes the most simple activities can be the most fun. Pack up the kids and bring them to the nearest lake or beach. Let your kids get their hands dirty and let their imaginations run wild.  Don't have a lake or beach nearby? Make a homemade sand or dirt tray, easily made with items you already have around the house. Add toy cars or animals for extra fun! 

Video Ideas:
Capture video of them digging in the sand or dirt, and get close-up shots of their dirty little hands.

Set Up a Lemonade Stand


Make the neighborhood a little sweeter by setting up a lemonade stand. Teach your kids about earning money while having fun as they decorate a table and signs and make their own lemonade in the kitchen.


Video Ideas:

Capture a video of them setting it up and breaking it down. Take a video of the kids trying to get the attention of potential customers. Make sure to get a close-up of them pouring or mixing the lemonade. 

Go to the Beach or Lake


Set aside an afternoon to visit your local lake or beach to play in the water. You can rent a kayak or boat or simply play in the sand on the shore and splash around in the water. Whether you stay for an hour or a whole day, your kids are sure to have a blast and head home tired.

Video Ideas:

Splashing makes for some great videos, so take lots of videos of your children splashing in the water. Don't be afraid to get wet, and we promise you will get awesome videos!


Search for Bugs




Spend some time looking for the little critters who can be found in the grass and around your home. Butterflies, ladybugs, beetles, and ants can often be spotted. Challenge your kids to find the most unique bug they can!

Video Ideas:

Get close and capture videos of their hands holding the magnifying glass. Make sure to capture their faces as they find something interesting. 


Go Swimming


Cool down from the heat and make a splash in the pool or a nearby lake! Bring your favorite floaty toys and noodles to float peacefully in the crisp water.


Video Ideas:

Jumping in the pool always makes for a fun video for the kids. Take videos of them swimming, splashing, and floating on their rafts. 

Run Through Sprinklers


When the grass in your yard and neighborhood is being watered, take advantage of the opportunity to have some fun! Run through the sprinklers to cool down or try to dart around them without getting wet.


Video Ideas:

Sprinkler videos are fun, but you will need to get into the action to get great stuff! So please put on your bathing suit and run through with them to capture all of the action on video. 

Go Hiking


Enjoy some exercise with your fresh air with a family-friendly hiking adventure! Bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray and have some fun hiking up to see a beautiful view, spotting wildlife along the way.

Video Ideas:

Take a video of the movement as your family goes for a hike. Hold the camera steady and walk behind them as you follow them through the wilderness. 


Eat Popsicles


Does anything scream “summer” more than a colorful popsicle melting down the face of a happy kiddo, enjoying a hot sunny day? We don’t think so! Savor the sweetness of summer (literally) with these ice cold treats.


Video Ideas:

Eating a popsicle is almost always sure to make a mess. Capture close-ups of your little one's hands and feet as they enjoy this tasty summer treat!


    Make Ice Cream Sundaes


    Make the sweet treats yourself for extra satisfaction and whip up ice cream sundaes at home! Set up your own dessert bar with all the toppings and let the kids create their own yummy snacks.


    Video Ideas:

    Making an ice cream sundae can make some extra cute videos of your kids. Capture them making the sundae by taking close-ups of them, putting on sprinkles, or pouring on the chocolate syrup. Shoot videos of them eating their creation and all of the joy that comes with that!


    Have a Scavenger Hunt


    Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids around the house or neighborhood with clues that lead to the next and eventually find a prize! Kids can also take turns creating scavenger hunts for each other so they get to experience both sides of the game.


    Video Ideas:

    Hide a camera in a spot that you know they will be looking at and capture a video of their excitement when they find it. This will require planning ahead and a tripod or strategic placing of your camera. 

    Blow Bubbles


    Make everyday life a little bit more magical with some bubbly fun! Blow bubbles together in the backyard and have fun chasing them and seeing who can blow the biggest bubble. You can also purchase a small bubble machine if you don’t want to have to do the work yourself! Make any summer activity more picturesque with a bubbly background.


    Video Ideas:

    You need to get right into the action to capture really cool videos of your kids playing with bubbles. Have them blow bubbles right at your camera and get close for the most effective shots. 


    Go Fishing


    Take the kids to the lake to cast a line and see what they can catch! Fishing is a peaceful way to spend time together and learn a new skill. Whether you catch and release or take your caught fish home to prepare and cook, it’ll be an enriching experience for your little ones.


    Video Ideas:

    Take videos of your kids putting bait on the fishing line and getting ready to fish. Get a wide shot of the scene and capture the quiet moments as they wait to catch their fish. 

    Have a Water Balloon Toss


    Cool off with a little competition in the backyard. Fill balloons with water and pass them back and forth until someone gets soaked!

    Video Ideas:

    Take videos of your kids putting bait on the fishing line and getting ready to fish. Get a wide shot of the scene and capture the quiet moments as they wait to catch their fish. 


    Run Through a Field of Wildflowers


    Whether young or just young at heart, frolicking through a beautiful field of wildflowers is a great way to lighten your heart and create the opportunity for stunning videos to be taken of your loved ones that you will all cherish forever.

    Video Ideas:

    Capturing your children as they run through a field is all about the movement. So hold your camera steady and grab footage of them running towards you and away from you. 



    Eat Watermelon


    Treat the family to a quintessential sweet treat with delicious watermelon. Perfect to pair with your picnic or simply eat as a snack when the summer sun burns bright, your kiddos will enjoy and will likely look adorable with a face full of sticky sweetness!

    Video Ideas:

    Watermelon gets messy, and it's super fun to capture close-ups of their faces as it drips down their tiny cheeks.


    Visit a Library


    Walk or bike to a Little Free Library in your area and encourage your kids to leave a book they no longer read and take a new one to enjoy! Instill the joy of giving and foster a love of reading with this fun and free activity.


    Video Ideas:

    Shoot a video of them searching the library for their favorite book. Once they find the perfect book, capture the quiet moments of them reading or set up your camera and take video footage of you reading to them. 


    Meet Friends at the Playground


    Plan a playdate while everyone is out of school. Meet at your favorite local playground with friends or find a new location you’ve never been to and give new slides, swings, and play equipment a whirl.

    Video Ideas:

    The playground has so many fun places and colorful backgrounds to take videos of your kids. Capture them going down the slide at all different angles. Take videos of them crawling through the tubes or going up and down on the seesaw. There are truly endless creative opportunities at the playground!


    Check Out Your Local County Fair


    Check to see when the county fair is coming to your town or one nearby and plan to visit. Enjoy strolling around hand in hand, having a good time on rides, savoring cotton candy and popcorn, and enjoying the local exhibits they have to offer.


    Video Ideas:

    Obviously, you will want to capture lots of videos of your kids on the rides. In addition, catch them playing games, eating food, and walking around. Fairs are colorful and fun to shoot!

    Camp in Your Backyard


    Sometimes the best trip you can take doesn’t require any traveling at all! Pitch a tent in the backyard and camp without the hassle or cost of going away. Bring flashlights for a shadow puppet show and if you can, make a bonfire for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. You can even bring bagels to toast over the fire in the morning!

    Video Ideas:

    Set up a tripod and take a time-lapse of your family as you set up the tent and camp area. Another fun idea is to take a video roasting smores over a fire pit.

    Plant Flowers


    One of the most fun things you can do as a family is plant flowers and spend the summer taking care of them and watching them grow! Create a rewarding and beautiful experience for your kids by enjoying the entire process from choosing seeds, digging in the dirt, watering the plants, and eventually picking them. Once they have bloomed, let your kids make their own bouquets to deliver to neighbors and family members.


    Video Ideas:

    Take videos of your children watering the plants and taking care of the garden. Close-ups of their hands as they plant their seeds will make a cute video!

    Go Berry Picking


    Find a local farm and frolic around the picturesque land picking your own berries! When you go home, have your kids help you bake a pie or other yummy dish using your hard-earned ingredients.

    Video Ideas:

    Grab some videos of your kids running through the rows of berries at the farm. Film them as they pick the berries, and also make sure to capture them as they make a mess and eat what they have picked!


    Visit a Zoo


    See a wide array of unique animals up close at your local zoo! This is a fabulous way to spend a day getting some fresh air and exercise with entertainment too. Help your kids spot their favorite animals and make the animal sounds themselves for a giggle.


    Video Ideas:

    Zoos can be fascinating for kids, so have your camera ready as they approach their favorite animals. Their reactions can be priceless, so be sure to have those cameras rolling for great videos of your children!

    Have a Water Fight


    Say yes to some friendly competition and load up toy squirt guns with water. Combine your water fight with hide-and-seek for extra fun and high stakes! Get the extended family or your neighborhood friends together for an even bigger game. This is the perfect activity for parents and kids to both enjoy together.


    Video Ideas:

    Get into the action and film your kids as they squirt YOU and the camera with their water guns. Just make sure that your camera is in a waterproof case!

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