How To get great audio on phone videos without fancy equipment

How To get great audio on phone videos without fancy equipment -1

How To get great Audio on Phone Videos without Fancy Equipment 

The human voice can spark emotions and capture attention and this is one of our top reasons we think videos of your family are superior to photographs. However, bad audio can quickly make  the quality of a film plummet. Obviously when taking video of unplanned events we don’t expect to have clear and crisp audio, but when recording video specifically to be used in your family videos we want to make sure it is the best it can be. Follow our tips on how to get great audio on phone videos without fancy equipment.

You don't need fancy professional equipment to achieve great audio on your phone videos. All you need is a little know how and a quiet room.

Find a  quiet spot to record your video message

Where you record matters just as much as what and how you record. Make sure to find a quiet spot with good acoustics to reduce other sounds around you as much as possible.

Use these easy tips to record the best audio possible

  1. Make Sure to Turn off TV’s, music, fans and anything that is creating background noise. 
  2. Silence the ringers on your phone and turn off computer notifications  - there is nothing worse than a phone vibrating or an email notification happening right in the middle of your audio. 
  3. Shut The Door - this will keep out sound.
  4. Hold the Microphone as close as you can. - smartphones are actually pretty great at capturing audio. You will just want to be as close as possible  to the microphone to capture the best audio. 
  5. Plug In your Headphones OR use your ear buds. The microphones on these are better than the in camera app. Use this to get better audio. 
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Other Tips To ensure you get great Audio on your phone videos

While the above tips should work wonders, here are a few extra tips you may want to try just in case you are still not achieving  great audio.

  • Put a towel or blanket at the bottom of the door to keep noise out
  • Record in a closet – clothes help dampen noise around you
  • Put a blanket over your head and create a quiet spot if you do not have access to one.



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