Finding The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift

Finding The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift


It’s that time of the year again when we are all looking for that perfect, unique gift. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or another holiday, gifting can be difficult.

Most of us have everything we need and more, but what would the holidays be like without exchanging gifts? It just wouldn’t be the same, no matter how much some of your friends and family members may insist that they “don’t want anything”.

How about giving lasting memories instead? How about finding the kind of gift that takes the rank of a family heirloom without gathering dust on a mantelpiece? Yes, it’s possible, and you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet either.



Little Laughter Films – The Perfect Gift

At Little Laughter Films, we believe we have the answer. We create personalized, professional-quality videos from your smartphone footage. That means turning all those little moments you film during the day into one unforgettable story. 

It’s the perfect gift for parents who are filming every move their little ones make and now have a smartphone bursting with video clips. Or think about expecting parents who are documenting their journey to parenthood. They may have time to shoot video now, but once the baby arrives there will be no time for editing (we know this from personal experience!).

And what about dog parents or – really – any pet parent? Do you know someone who just can’t stop taking videos of their cat looking cute or their dog doing something goofy?

A Little Laughter Film is a fantastic opportunity to combine all of those small video clips into the memory of a lifetime. What’s more, you can gift this amazing memory easily and conveniently as a gift card or a package!


Six Reasons Why A Little Laughter Film Is The Perfect Gift


1. It’s One Of A Kind

We can guarantee that your family members or friends will not yet have anything like it. How so? They choose the clips they send to us to be turned into their personal video.

That means you can avoid the awkward moment of someone thanking you politely only to ask for the receipt later to return a duplicate gift. By choosing the clips we edit into an amazing video, they get the chance to tell a truly individual story without having to learn to use software or spend hours editing.


2. It’s Something They Need

 … but didn’t know they needed, right up until the moment when you gifted it.

We all know people who are impossible to buy for. They have everything they need in their daily lives, plus a garage full of rarely used sports equipment, and subscriptions to more services than they can use.

Giving a personalized video means you are giving something that they need and want and will cherish. It’s a unique way of pulling together memories and creating family stories that can be shared for generations to come. Finding a gift that someone needs before they realize they need it, is an amazing feeling, and it makes for a great gift.


3. It’s A Treat

What good is giving a present when you can’t give something the other person wouldn’t treat themselves to? New or expecting parents are not only short on time, but many couples will also have plenty of financial commitments. As a consequence, treating themselves to something that may feel like a luxury is likely not a priority.

But that’s exactly what gifts are for: they allow you as a friend or a family member to treat your loved ones. Whilst Little Laughter Films gift vouchers start from as little as $150, some of our most popular options like feature films or packages need you to splurge a little more. But memories really are priceless, and they are so much more enjoyable as a film than they are in random order on your smartphone.


4. It Lasts A Lifetime

Consider the alternatives to giving a Little Laughter Film. Granted, Christmas sweaters are always hilarious, and everyone needs socks. But those are not exciting gifts that the recipient will cherish forever. A personalized film is exactly that – a family heirloom that will be cherished for years to come.

Think about giving this gift to a friend who has lost a beloved pet. They are probably combing through the video clips on their phone, reliving some of their favorite moments. This film is the perfect way of keeping the pet’s memory alive forever.

On the other hand, new parents may have time to press record on their phones every so often, but many are a bit too overwhelmed by caring for the baby to do anything with those clips. Little Laughter Films makes it super easy to not only preserve them but turn them into lasting memories. It’s the answer to “they grow up so fast” because parents, family, and friends can simply relive those magic moments.


5. It’s An Experience

Why not turn the first showing of your personalized video into a bit of a premiere? It’s a great way of getting family and friends together, sharing some popcorn, and enjoying the experience together.

In fact, even selecting the video clips you share with us can be an experience for all involved. Baby’s first milestones are often filmed by parents, grandparents, friends, and family members alike. Bringing those fragments together in one amazing, professional-looking movie preserves them. Selecting the best ones allows you to relive some of your family’s favorite moments.

Once you start looking, you will find that you have plenty of video clips stored in different places. The final, personalized video you download from us, ties them together and tells your story in a way that will make you want to watch it over and over again.


6. It’s A 21st Century Photo Album

Remember photo albums? Or digital picture frames that allowed you to upload a selection of pictures that would rotate as a slideshow? A personalized film is the modern version of a photo album, only better.

Plenty of pictures in photo albums are stiff and posed, whereas candid video clips make it easier to show life as it happened. That’s simply a lot more fun than leafing through a photo album. Plus, a film can’t gather dust. It won’t get in the way when you are moving house, and it is easy to share with other family members or friends.


Lots Of Options To Choose From

Who are you shopping for? Any of our amazing films and packages are available as a gift card or a package – the choice is yours!

If you are looking for a Christmas gift or holiday present for expecting parents, consider giving them a 12-film pack. It’s simply a package of twelve, monthly milestone videos that allow the parents and other family members to capture that first amazing, crazy, sleepless year for posterity. Every month becomes a unique experience that will be treasured for a lifetime.

How about a custom video book? Think of it as a photo album with a screen. The video starts to play automatically as soon as the book is opened, allowing the story to unfold in front of you. Video controls are built-in, too. A single charge gives you two hours of playtime, and built-in speakers help the video experience to truly come to life.


In A League Of Its Own

With plenty of video editing apps around, why should you hire professionals? Here are our reasons: stories of babies, family members, beloved pets, and milestone life events are carried by emotions. Doing them justice and allowing you to relive those moments is simply beyond the reach of a basic editing app. Those allow you to combine clips into a longer film, but true, professional-quality editing takes your candid clips to another level.

Our editors tell your story better than any computer can. Our process is simple but detail-oriented. We watch all of the footage you send before selecting the standout clips. Once those have been identified, we edit them to tell your story in a way it deserves to be told.

Scrapbooks and photo albums are great, but a personalized film or film package simply takes the experience to another level.


The Next Step

This holiday season, forget giving Christmas sweaters or food and make an impression with a truly personal gift instead. Little Laughter Films are the perfect way of capturing life’s unforgettable moments. Let us turn your loved ones’ smartphone footage into a fantastic film.



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