The Best Christmas Gift to Get Grandparents Who Have It All

The Best Christmas Gift to Get Grandparents Who Have It All

Christmas shopping for grandparents can be daunting. Should you opt for something sentimental or something more luxurious, like a day at the spa? While you know that they’ll surely tell you that they love any gift you give them, there are few things you can get them that they don’t already have.

One thing you can be sure that any grandparent will love is a personalized gift of their grandchildren. But wait — don’t they already have more mugs, keychains, and sweatshirts with their grandchildren’s faces than they know what to do with? Not only that but their walls are already plastered with countless family photos full of grinning faces and they’re seemingly out of free wall space.

But the truth is, grandparents have been a huge part of your life, as well as your children’s lives, since day one. They’ve wiped away tears when your little ones fell down, slipped them sweets when nobody was looking, and they’ll never miss an elementary school play recital. Now it’s time to return the favor and do something nice for them. Yes, that means skipping the gift of the “World’s Best Grandpa” t-shirt and the annual pair of fuzzy slippers for grandma.

Check out this short film we put together as a gift for Grandma for inspiration. 



So what’s the perfect holiday gift for grandparents who have it all? There’s no need to look any further because Little Laughter Films has got you covered. If you want to find out more about the timeless gift that keeps on giving, then read on.

Give A Priceless Gift With Little Laughter Films

Nothing says “thank you” to grandparents like sharing precious memories that they can look back on at any time. We take all of your little ones’ most important moments and put them together for you into a beautiful home movie. But this isn’t your average home video that you can put together yourself (who has time for that anyway?) — it’s a unique holiday gift for grandparents that they’ll cherish forever.

Just imagine their faces on Christmas morning when they press play their Little Laughter Films home video. Clips begin to flash before their eyes, with everything from the first time they held their grandchildren in their arms to baby’s first steps to their first day at preschool — and everything in between. These are milestones that grandma and grandpa will remember forever.

How Does It Work?

Let us ask you this… How many videos and photos of your children do you have on your smartphone? If you’re like most parents, you likely already have hundreds of videos accumulating, if not thousands. Why not take those special moments, have them edited by a team of professionals, and give a timeless gift for grandma and grandpa?

Little Laughter Films will help you do exactly that. You can send us all of the videos you have on any device, including footage from smartphones, tablets, SLR cameras, USBs, or professional videography. And we’re not talking just any ordinary automated video that your iPhone editor threw together. Our experts will go through all of your footage and photos to hand-select only the best clips and most adorable moments to create your special holiday gift.

Since this is a special gift for grandpa and grandma, you may want to compile special videos of them together with their grandchildren and have us turn them into one digital film. They’ll absolutely love that!

On the other hand, it may be more meaningful to take videos and digital photographs showing the timeline of your little one’s development. The possibilities are endless! You can leave us a note of the story you want to tell or you can send us everything you have and give us the creative freedom to create your perfect movie.

You also have several different video options, depending on how much footage you send or what your budget is. You can choose from Short Film, Indie Film, or Feature Film to suit your needs. That means you can have your amazing video created anywhere from one to fifteen minutes long. No matter how long or short the film, you can be sure our team will edit the clips in a way that will make the biggest impact.

Not only do we combine all of your footage into a quality video, but we also add music, rhythm, and sound for the final touches. All of these elements come together to create a quality video that is sure to touch the heart of any grandparent who receives this Christmas gift.

Let’s put it this way — you might want to have a box of tissues handy. Out of all the wonderful keepsakes they’ve received over the years of their grandchildren, this is something they’ve never seen before. In fact, they’ll watch it over and over again for years to come.

Don’t believe us?

We were featured on The Today Show and Little Laughter Films was named “The Best Gift Ever” during the gift guide special. That’s because the edited video adds the personal touch that sets it aside from all of the previous gifts the years before. We edit babies, kids, families, pets, and anything else you want to fit into your film. You get to choose what goes into your film for grandma and grandpa.

Get Your Little Laughter Film Now

So what are you waiting for? You won’t find a more unique gift for grandparents than a Little Laughter Film. Whether you want to highlight your little ones’ most special moments or you plan to create a feature film for their whole year, it’s sure to be the most special and unique holiday gift that grandma and grandpa will ever receive. Shop Little Laughter Films today to get your special gift ready for the upcoming holiday season.




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