So, you’ve been searching for that perfect baby shower gift for your loved one’s special day, right? They are adding a precious bundle of joy to their home and a baby shower is in your near future. It’s been challenging to figure out what to buy because there are so many random things to choose from. But… all of it is the same old, tired options and none of it is special enough or unique enough to express how much you love them and how happy you are for them. We feel your pain. 

Maybe you want to give them a gift that will be something they can treasure for years to come, but the cliche baby book, photo album, or even the footprint mold just  aren’t going to cut it. 

Little Laughter Films has just what you’re looking for. 

In today’s busy world, moms and dads are capturing hundreds and sometimes thousands of their baby’s beautiful moments and milestones with their iPhones and smart devices. It’s easy, handy, and they get to relive those precious moments with a touch of the button. But what happens when all that content takes up too much space or they would like to share videos with friends or family? 

Little Laughter Films can take all those little moments, all those video snippets, and turn them into a true family heirloom that can be treasured for years to come. 

Little Laughter Films takes smartphone footage and turns it into an amazing film so you can share your little love’s biggest moments. And that makes it the most wonderful and heartfelt baby shower gift imaginable. Choose one of our amazing packages for new and expecting parents. Or choose a Little Laughter Films gift card and let the expectant parent choose the film package they prefer. 

The packages even come with a welcome box that includes prompts and tools to help new parents capture the best footage possible. Check out the film package & other purchasing options below!

The Short Film
  • The Short Film Package is a 1-2 minute custom video edit.
  • Up to 75 video clips. 
The Indie Film
  • The Indie Film is a 3-5 minute custom video edit. 
  • Up to 250 video clips.
The Feature Film
  • A longer edit, the Feature Film is 7-15 minutes of custom video.
  • From 250-750 video clips. 
The 12 Film Pack
  • Tell your little one’s first year story month by month. 
  • Submit each month of footage for 12 months. 
  • Get 12 video edits, each one capturing the baby’s 1st month, 2nd month, etc.
  • Final set of 12 videos will be presented in a video book keepsake. 
  • Choose from the 12 Short Films option or the 12 Indie Films option. 
The Keepsake USB
  • Little Laughter Films are delivered via digital download, but you can choose a USB option add on if you’d like to. (Makes a lovely gift)
The Video Book
  • The custom Video book features a 7″ screen, 1024×600 resolution, video auto-play on open, built-in controls, 2 hours of playtime on a single charge, & a built-in speaker with volume control.
The Gift Card
  • Choose the gift card option if you want to give the parent’s the option to choose their own video editing option. 
  • Available in any amount. 

Whether you choose one of Little Laughter Film’s packages, a keepsake, or a gift card option, you can be sure that your gift will not only stand the test of uniqueness and thoughtfulness, but it will also stand the test of time. 

Shop for a unique baby shower gift now at www.littlelaughterfilms.com



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