A Unique Gift

Rather than buy dad a pair of socks for Father’s day, how about creating him a unique fathers day gift that will knock his socks off. Father’s day is just around the corner and a Little Laughter Film will make the perfect gift for all dads. While you probably already have some great footage of dad with his littles, we have some ideas on how to get personal and as a result make your Father’s day video gift even more special and memorable.

Record Audio 

A great idea is to record Your little ones saying how much they love their daddy, or if they are too young record yourself talking about what an amazing dad he is. 

The key to having usable audio is to record the video in a quiet environment. Make sure to to turn off your phone ringers, fans, and background music. Additionally you will want to make sure you are also paying attention to the lighting as this will be a scripted video. Make sure to check out our top tips for great lighting here. https://littlelaughterfilms.com/tips

Once you are ready, place your children in the scene and hit record. 

Because we know it can sometimes be hard to come up with the perfect thing to say so we have come up with some prompts for you. Ultimately you just want to get your children talking about dad and why he is their hero.

For The Kids Old enough to talk to dad

  1. Have them say “ I love you dad “
  2. “ What do you love most about your dad?”
  3. “ What is daddy’s job?”
  4. “What is your favorite thing to do / game to play with dad?”
  5. “What is your father’s favorite hobby, color, or food? ( their answers will make you laugh) 

For The Adults talking on behalf of their kids

( you can choose to be on or off camera, either way we suggest having your child in the frame)

  1. Talk about what you love most about them as a dad
  2. Recap your favorite father/son father/daughter moment 

Get candid and capture video of dad with the kids

In addition to those voice recordings, sneak in some video of dad interacting with the kids.  Maybe some video at mealtime or while playing in the yard. Even some video of them together on the couch watching TV would be cute. Ultimately capture that special something that daddy and the littles always do. 

Send us your footage to create a unique Father’s Day gift

Now that you have captured some amazing footage of dad, send us your video footage and let us create a Father’s day video, a unique gift that will truly knock his socks off. 

Little Laughter Films creates one-of-a-kind videos from your smartphone footage that splice together all the most adorable moments of your kid’s life. A modern alternative to a photo book, our films let you relive your family’s best moments through our professional video edits using sound and movement. We create real videos for real families.




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